SPIN! Pizza

SPIN! Pizza was created around Neapolitan-style pizza and the founder’s love for Italian cycling. A “favoloso” fast-casual restaurant experience, this branding is designed to inspire a handmade, artisan dining experience. After the successful launch of the first location, we're continuing to extend brand experience to all additional locations and apply to various touchpoints including the website, the SPIN Bike Club, a branded gelato booth, and additional in-store promotions.


SPIN! Pizza

While working at Willoughby Design, I had the opportunity to jump in and design work for one of our favorite clients, SPIN! Pizza. The SPIN! brand identity was established by Willoughby when I was just beginning to study graphic design in college. When I graduated & joined Willoughby, this was one of my favorite clients I worked with. I had the opportunity to design their mobile-friendly website, various campaigns, their new menus, and (my personal favorite) a branded gelato booth for their store.

Designed at Willoughby Design
Client: SPIN! Pizza
Creative Director: Zack Shubkagel
Designers: Cat Coquillette, Kevin Garrison, Roberto Camacho