CatCoq Affiliate Program

Boost your passive income with one of the highest-royalty rate affiliate programs in the market!


Earn a commission rate for every one of my products you direct sales to. My affiliate program is incredibly scalable – the more you sell, the more you earn. There is no cost or minimum purchases, so you have nothing to lose.


With thousands of available products, you can choose the perfect CatCoq items that resonate with your brand's aesthetic and most appeal to your customer base.


How It Works:



It’s easy and free to join. Just fill out your information in the form below and I'll get back with you with next steps.

Once you’ve been approved for the CatCoq Affiliate Program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link that you can share on your website, blog, social media, vlog– however you choose.



Choose from thousands of CatCoq products to advertise to your customers. I provide simple tools to meet your advertising needs and help you earn money.

It’s simple: add an affiliate link to your blog, email, or social media post that directs to my shop– that's it!



Every customer that clicks your link and makes a purchase on my shop will earn you a commission of 10%, which is among the highest percentages in the industry.


Anyone Can Be a CatCoq Affiliate


My affiliate program spans all arenas and attracts the most influential industry leaders who use their networks to share CatCoq products with their audiences.



Earn extra cash with your blog, website, or email newsletter by adding CatCoq banners and affiliate links to your posts. It's a snap–  Just place one of my banners or links where your visitors, customers, and friends will see it. You'll earn cash on every sale made through your ads.



Use your social prowess to get the CatCoq brand out there using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each referral purchase will earn you money. My program doesn’t require any fees and it’s easy to set up, so there’s no risk to you.



Whether you run a business podcast, news outlet, or media hub, you can generate sales by referring your audience to CatCoq products. You'll create a new source of income for very little effort.


Celebrities Talking about CatCoq


Khloe Kardashian becomes a fan of my packaging design for FabFitFun.

Sarah Michelle-Gellar poses with My Good Vibes Pillow on her couch.

Jessica Simpson shares a photo of my design on her Instagram account.

Hilary Duff snaps a selfie with my phone case.

Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars commissions my artwork for a special tech capsule collection.

Britney Spears's sister, Jamie Lynn, posts a photo of my illustration work on Instagram.


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