"Courage is grace under pressure." –Ernest Hemingway

I designed an apparel line for Freely Given Movement, an organization that brings awareness and funding to families struggling to afford health costs for their sick child. Together with the Freely Given crew and Blue Coffee Pictures, we teamed up to tell the story of Alayna, a soft-spoken, animal-loving, fourteen-year-old triplet battling leukemia. We united to become Alayna's Courage Team.

Her courage team shared an evening with Alayna's family on December 14, 2016 and learned about her sweet love for animals, her triplet siblings and younger sister's adventures, and the story of her recent Leukemia diagnosis. The very next day after our interview and filming, she was hospitalized due to low platelet counts associated with her chemotherapy treatment and a few days later suffered a stroke. Devastatingly, Alayna passed away on December 22, 2016.

This collection was designed to honor Alayna's kind soul and gentle courage, but now even deeper, represents the strength and hope her family can only find in each other's arms. 100% of profits from this collection are given directly to her family.  We are so moved by the way the Freely Given community has rallied together for Alayna. Preorders have far exceeded our expectations and we couldn't be more grateful. We wish she could see how many people have rallied towards her cause during the last few weeks. 

Please consider share your further support for this family and join the movement for community by posting a photograph to your social media channels wearing your shirt tagging @freelygivenmovement and including the hashtag #freelygivenmovement

Alayna's Courage Collection can be purchased here.

Alayna's Story

Alayna's Courage Collection

Designed by Cat Coquillette

Alayna's Courage – Women's Pullover • $38

Alayna's Courage – Unisex Tee • $28

Alayna's Courage – Women's Tee • $28

Alayna's Courage – Unisex Hoodie • $48

Alayna's Courage Team

Huge thank you to the incredibly talented Allison Corrin Photography!