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This is the place for you to find the answers to any questions you have after taking my Brit+Co class!



What version of Photoshop do you use?

I use Photoshop CC 2017. I have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, so the most up-to-date version is automatically updated on my computer. If you're also on the subscription plan, yours should be the same. You can sign up for a free trial with Adobe here.


What scanner do you use?

I use an Epson V550 Photo Scanner. My paintings are usually slightly larger than the flatbed, so I almost always scan in a couple pieces and fuse them together in Photoshop. When I travel, I use a portable and lightweight Canon CanoScan LiDE220. The colors aren't as saturated or deep as they are with my Epson, but it's easy to add back in digitally.


Why do you use layer masks?

Layer masks are basically my safety net; they give me the ability to erase something, but then bring it back in later if I want it. The "erased" section is simply hidden behind the mask, but still accessible at any time. This is a strategy for non-destructive editing in Photoshop.


What's the difference between "multiply" and "linear burn"? And which is best to use?

Multiply and Linear Burn are really similar. I use Multiply to quickly see what's underneath my top layer (I like this better than Opacity) and I use Linear Burn when I want my painting to "sink" into the paper texture. You can use Multiply for this step if you want to as well, but I like that the color tends to be a tad bit more vivid with Linear Burn. : )


How do you rasterize a layer?

There are a few different methods to rasterize, but here's mine: I create a new (blank) layer and merge my artwork file into the new layer. This removes the smart object capabilities and allows me to edit freely.


How did you create a signature layer with a transparent background?

I drew my signature on paper, scanned it in, then removed the background the same way I do with my hand-lettering.


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