Hello, artists and creative business owners! These are for you.


My vocation goes beyond design and illustration – I'm also passionate about using my experience and success to help other creatives reach their full potential.

I believe in community over competition, and devote a large part of my brand to creating resources that allow fellow artists to thrive.

As an online educator, I've published a series of video courses that educate fellow creative entrepreneurs in building their businesses.





I have a series of online video classes geared at creatives wanting to grow their brands, creative skills, and income. 

My classes cover a wide variety of topics, including finding your artistic niche, marketing through social media, selling artwork online, working with clients, improving your painting techniques, learning Photoshop basics, and making a name for yourself in the online art world.

Each of my classes are broken down into short video lessons so it's easy to follow along. In under an hour each, I pack in loads of info to help you grow your business and earn money.


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UPDATE // Every January, Skillshare announces their curated "Best of" list, where their team hand-selects the top fifteen classes in two categories: Creative and Business + Tech. I'm so excited to announce that both of my new classes made the cut and I was featured in both lists!


"Cat's classes provide a wealth of easily understood and instantly usable tips and directions. Beyond being an expert in her field, Ms. Coquillette is a great verbal communicator. She speaks clearly and confidently. Her explanations are direct and complete. She wastes few words. The best part? You will waste not one minute you spend watching her classes.” –Susan




Learn Photoshop: Graphic Design Basics & Beyond

Visual communication is more important than ever. Add Photoshop to your toolkit to unlock unlimited potential in your art, career, and more!

Join me for a 90-minute practical introduction to today’s most powerful and versatile visual editing program, Adobe Photoshop. No previous experience required!

This unique lesson sequence goes beyond a standard tutorial. You'll learn more than just definitions and keystrokes—I'll take you on a journey and teach you how to use the platform in practical, useful, and real-world ways. Plus, you’ll join me in creating a fun web banner that you can use across social media, online shops, and more.

This class is for everyone: social media editors, small businesses, and designers—anyone looking to expand their visual skills! Whether you’re opening Photoshop for the first time or looking to round out your skills, you’ll gain a framework for creating and editing images that help you reach your goals.

By the end, you’ll have a fun banner you can use anywhere on the web and a new skill for your creative and professional toolkit!


All 10 lessons are packed with frameworks, tips, and demonstration. You’ll gain a complete understanding of how to work in layers (the core principle of Photoshop) and learn techniques that creatives and professionals use everyday, including:

  • Combining text and image
  • Making quick photo edits
  • Adding graphic effects for emphasis
  • Exporting your work for easy workflows



Modern Watercolor Techniques: Explore Skills to Create On-Trend Paintings

Explore your creativity and expand your painting skills with these step-by-step watercolor techniques! We’ll be focusing on modern techniques that you can’t achieve with any other medium – this is part of what makes watercolors so special. I distill complicated motifs into simple shapes with a whimsical touch and plenty of intricate whitespace linework. I blend a few non-traditional techniques within the watercolor medium for a unique and contemporary aesthetic.


Whether you’re a beginner or advanced artist looking to expand your painting techniques, this class covers it all:

  • Art supplies I recommend, including paint brands, paper, and brush types
  • Tips for sketching out the perfect composition
  • Mixing vibrant color palettes
  • Brush control techniques so you can create the perfect stroke
  • Painting with whitespace in mind
  • Blending hues together on paper
  • Creating beautiful watercolor blooms and ombré gradient washes
  • Fixing mistakes as you paint, like splattered paint or wayward brushstrokes
  • Adding in tiny details to your painting


As always, this class is full of tips, techniques and information that I can use immediately. I love Cat's work and the way she describes each procedure makes it easy to follow. Her classes have helped me grow as an artist. –Karen
Always enjoy Cat’s classses, thanks for another helpful instalments of tips and tricks - great to see how she creates her beautiful artworks and her teaching style is lovely. –Ali
I love Cat's classes and this one is SPECTACULAR! Thank you Cat for showing us your insider watercolor tips. I love to watch you work and thank you for your generosity in sharing your incredible skills with us in this class! –Anne



A Step-by-Step Guide to Art Licensing: Sell Your First Piece of Artwork Online

Monetize your side-hustle! I’ve sold over 100,000 products by licensing my artwork. Getting involved with art licensing is a great way to boost your passive income. This class is filled with actionable steps that help you make your first sale with artwork online, as well as boosting your sales if you’re already selling.



  • Get featured on Instagram, Society6, Redbubble, and other websites
  • Grow your social media following into an engaged audience
  • Find your niche style that customers want to purchase
  • Define and expand your target audience
  • Key into trends and use that knowledge to create best-sellers
  • Set up and optimize your shop for boosted traction
  • Streamline your process and upload your files with minimal effort
  • Gain a competitive advantage with your artwork pricing structure
  • Grow a following on your shop website


This is the best class I've seen on the subject of Art Licensing. Cat dispenses a clear sense of direction and the most important things to know and consider as one takes this journey. Well done! –Cory
Cat is a fabulous role model plus her direct and positive attitude throughout her social media and in her Skillshare courses is especially validating and valuable. I definitely would recommend this course to anyone interested in licensing and selling their art, photography and designs. The social media and networking information plus lists of POD sites and image specs were a big bonus. –Debra
Great tips and Great class! So inspirational! I hope to build my art brand and am able to make a living off of it! –Abby




From Paper to Screen: Digitally Editing Your Artwork in Photoshop

One key factor with succeeded with passive income streams like licensing and print on demand is making sure your artwork translates beautifully from paper to screen. This class will be tailored to that process.

There is so much more to the process than just scanning in your artwork and uploading it to sell online. What you do in-between those actions can make the difference between an average piece and a best-seller.



  • Fusing multiple scans of artwork together into one image
  • Removing the paper background Erasing pencil marks, paint splatters, and errors
  • Exploring color variations
  • Creating patterns
  • Adjusting artwork for various template dimensions
  • Saving artwork files for optimization


This class is exactly what I have been looking for to be able to digitize my artwork and use it for Print on Demand products. Cat explains each step in great detail, yet quickly moves through the information. I highly recommend this class. –Karen
Amazing informative class to make your artwork digitally flawless and maximize sales! Cat is an expert and explains everything perfectly! –Susan




Creating Art that Sells: A Working Artist’s Guide

Transform your creative career with print-on-demand in this beginner-friendly, 25-minute class. Print-on-demand websites like Society6 give me the freedom to travel the world and grow my creative business, all with the stability of a monthly paycheck.

In this class, you’ll learn how to maximize your success with print-on-demand platforms like Society6. From creating color palettes that sell to connecting with potential customers all over the world, this class is jam-packed with tips and tricks to help you generate consistent income.



  • Create art that sells consistently, month after month
  • Optimize your work for print-on-demand products
  • Use promotion effectively to sustain bestsellers
  • After taking this class, you’ll have an arsenal of strategies to generate consistent income through print-on-demand, giving you the flexibility to build a creative career you love.


There's no mystery why Cat Coquillette gets top billing on Skillshare. This excellent intro to print on demand for artists packs more info in 24 minutes than many classes do that are three times as long.  –Susan
This was an excellent and very specific outline of how to create and sell art online. –Eeva
I especially thought the Prepping your work to sell portion was useful because I couldn't find that information anywhere! And she did a great job explaining what to do step by step and threw in some fun tips and things to try. –Brittany