Decorative Lettering Book

Life Goals:
✓ Climb a mountain
✓ Start my own business
✓ Get published

When Natsumi contacted me on behalf of BNN Publications, I realized I could finally check off "get published" on my goals list. BNN is one of Japan's largest art and design publishers and they approached me to contribute to their latest book, Decorative Lettering. This visual book highlights the beauty of hand-lettering from designers around the world.

I have thirteen pieces featured on three spreads of the Japanese/English book. I'm incredibly honored to share spreads with some of my favorite designers like Hammerpress, Emily McDowell, Martina Flor, Maricor/Maricar, Bob Foundation, and others.

You can order Decorative Lettering here.

First Spread

Anything's Possible  available  here .

Anything's Possible available here.

Little & Fierce  available  here .

Little & Fierce available here.

Coffee  available  here .

Coffee available here.

That's Life  available  here .

That's Life available here.

Second Spread

Mountains are Calling  available  here .

Mountains are Calling available here.

Wild at Heart  available  here .

Wild at Heart available here.

If Mama Ain't Happy  available  here .

If Mama Ain't Happy available here.

Treat Yo Self  available  here .

Treat Yo Self available here.

Crème de la Crème  available  here .

Crème de la Crème available here.

Third Spread

Stay Curious  available  here .

Stay Curious available here.

Coffee & Wine available  here .

Coffee & Wine available here.

Killin' It  available  here .

Killin' It available here.