KCMO represent, baby.


  2016 Microtrends:
• Serenity/Rose Quartz ombré gradients.
• Tropical (again), but this time with birds.
• Brass. (The metal, not the instrument. Sorry, tubas.)
• Bellinis & waffles. Sup, brunch.
• Cool-ass lapel pins.

2016 Macrotrends:
• Supporting local artists/makers


I'm a sucker for trends, and what better way to jump in on lapel pins than by representing my home town? I whipped up a 3D type lockup and got the ball rolling ASAP. It was great to try out a new medium and face the design challenges that were involved– limited palette, gold knockout within the design, and a small end-result (1-inch). Minus the substrate, this was actually pretty damn close to logo design.

I'm thrilled with the results and have the limited-run pins available for purchase on my Etsy shop.

...now I just need a sweet denim jacket to show them off.