CatCoq x Modcloth Collaboration: Home Decor 2016

I'm excited to announce the launch of my new home decor line with Modcloth! A staple in vintage-inspired clothing, accessories, and decor, Modcloth is an online shop based out of San Francisco. They are the go-to source for fashion-driven free spirits of the world, and offer unique styles from independent designers.

I've always been a huge fan of Modcloth (I feel like a new package arrives every other week), so when they approached me for this collab, I was stoked. This private label collection is inspired by my travels around the world and all the places I still want to experience. My Modcloth-exclusive collection features home decor items such as duvet covers and pillow shams. 

I began the project by taking a deep dive into current and upcoming trends. Exotic themes are on the rise: Eastern-influences, Bohemian style (think Coachella), and cultural relics are all spiking in 2016. I presented my research to Modcloth and we decided to pursue the cultural path with a wanderlust twist. This is right up my alley, as I'm an avid traveler and love to explore off the beaten path. My collection is inspired by a hodgepodge of cultures throughout the world, from Scandinavia to Asia.

The original artwork is done by hand with India ink.

"Vine to Call It a Night" Duvet Cover + Pillowcase Set

When the efforts of the day ease your energy levels into slumber, you’ll be happy to know this duvet cover designed by Cat Coquillette has been waiting. Wrapping you up in its viney, bohemian-inspired pattern of aqua, cobalt, lime, and metallic gold hues, this white cotton, ModCloth-exclusive blanket ensures a soothing haven for the sleepiest of heads.
Duvet cover available here.
Pillow shams available here.

"Revive for Success" Duvet Cover + Pillowcase Set

Ya snooze, ya lose? Not when you’re restoring for hiking, biking, and road trips! This ModCloth-exclusive duvet designed by Cat Coquillette has the right idea - atop white cotton, metallic gold script reads “Adventure is calling,” joined by matching dots and pastel mint leaves, reminding you to rest so you can preserve your zest!
Duvet cover available here.
Pillow shams available here.

"Sweet Dreams, Deer-est" Duvet Cover

Following your nighttime routine, you glide to your bedroom to receive a cheery greeting from this deer-printed duvet cover. Snuggling beneath the cobalt, mint, gold, and crimson tones of this folksy comforter covering - designed by Cat Coquillette exclusively for ModCloth - your day ends happily ever ‘antler’!
Duvet cover available here.

"Feel Like a Million Dalas" Duvet Cover

A full night’s rest under this cotton duvet cover will have you feeling your finest upon awaking - we’re not toying! Designed by Cat Coquillette exclusively for ModCloth, this bedding boasts bright red Dala horses with metallic gold touches and welcoming mint fronts, making it cozy enough for complete rejuvenation.
Duvet cover available here.