Katie and Kelly fell in love with Panama hats during their trips to Ecuador. The sisters were always being asked to bring back hats for friends. Eventually, the two decided to go into business together and make Panama hats available to everyone. During their trips, they met with families of artisans in Ecuador and arranged to have products shipped back home.

Nowadays, the've grown their small business into a prospering brand: Muchana. While they still offer Panama hats, Muchana has expanded it's inventory; they source finely-crafted alpaca ponchos and scarves, handwoven bags and baskets, and are expanding a woven jewelry line. All of their goods are handmade by artisans in Ecuador.


The sisters approached me to design an identity for the brand. We wanted the look and feel to reflect the premium quality of Muchana's products.

I introduced gold within the palette to accomplish this, as well as provide a nod to the paja toquilla straw used in their products. The typography is modern with unique elements, which perfectly reflects the Muchana brand.

I designed an intricate pattern as an additional branding element, which echoes the extreme time and care that goes into each Panama hat. The pop of turquoise in the palette is inspired by the crystal clear waters off the beaches of Manta.