Russian Nesting Dolls

I had a set of Russian Nesting Dolls as a kid and I absolutely loved them. Fast forward twenty years– I was embracing global culture (AKA buying wine at World Market) when I came across a set of nesting dolls. I added them to my basket without a second thought and came home ready to start illustrating. This little project spanned into six unique color studies and each is available as an art print on my Etsy shop or products on my Society6 shop.

Oh, and I couldn't resist adding in a little Ruski Kittykat. His name is Vladmir Poopin.

If you like this illustration style, check out my Animal Lovers, Evil Eyes, and Tequila Rose projects.

The Inspiration:

The Outcome:

Color Exploration:

All color variations are available on my shop here.



Studio Pouches:  Pink   •   White   •   Yellow

Studio Pouches: Pink  •  White  •  Yellow

T-shirt available  here .

T-shirt available here.

Tank top available  here .

Tank top available here.

V-neck available  here .

V-neck available here.

T-shirt available  here .

T-shirt available here.

Totes:  Navy   •   White   •   Pink

Totes: Navy  •  White  •  Pink

Beach Towel available  here .

Beach Towel available here.

Stationery Cards available  here .

Stationery Cards available here.

iPad or Laptop Skin available here.

Rug available  here .

Rug available here.

Wall Clock available  here .

Wall Clock available here.

Hardcover Journal available  here .

Hardcover Journal available here.

Laptop Sleeve available  here .

Laptop Sleeve available here.

Phone Cases available  here .

Phone Cases available here.

Tapestry available  here .

Tapestry available here.

Throw Blanket available  here .

Throw Blanket available here.

Travel Mug available  here .

Travel Mug available here.

Throw Pillow available  here .

Throw Pillow available here.

Apparel available here.

Studio Pouch available  here .

Studio Pouch available here.

Laptop skin available  here .

Laptop skin available here.

Shower Curtain available  here .

Shower Curtain available here.

Sticker  available  here.

Sticker available here.

Mug available  here .

Mug available here.