Tequila Rose | Naughty never tasted so nice.

DISCLAIMER: Many bottles of Tequila Rose were consumed during the research and design phases of this project.

McCormick Distilling approached Willoughby Design, seeking a brand refresh for one of their classic brands. Tequila Rose is a strawberry-flavored cream liqueur that's been around for the past thirty years. We wanted to make sure we retained their core audience, while expanding into new and younger markets.

We created Rose, a physical embodiment of the Tequila Rose brand. She's sassy, sexy and fun, just like the drink. We gave her a witty voice and tattoo-inspired look.

Designed at Willoughby Design
Client: McCormick Distilling
Creative Director: Megan Stephens
Art Director: Nicole Satterwhite
Designer: Cat Coquillette
Account Manager: Sydnie Burton
Copywriter: Lisa Correu


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