WilloSweets Holiday Chocolate

Chocolate… more tasteful than a Christmas sweater.

When all of us at Willoughby set out to tackle our annual holiday cards, we knew we wanted them to be different from everything we had sent out in years past. In preparation for winter, I happened to be googling ugly holiday apparel... when inspiration struck. After all, what's more festive than a tacky Christmas sweater? The challenge was to take something with a reputation for tackiness & turn it into a dazzling design.

We designed and developed packaging for delectable milk and dark chocolate bars, handcrafted by legendary local confectioner André‘s Confiserie Suisse. Bundled in festive packaging and rushed out the door for optimum enjoyment, these delicious wishes were a treat to design.

Special thanks to local Kansas City letterpress studio, Skylab, for printing gorgeous cards.

** Selected for the Communication Arts 2014 Typography Annual **
** Featured on The Dieline **

Designed at Willoughby Design
Creative Directors: Ann Willoughby, Megan Stephens, Zack Shubkagel
Art Director: Nicole Satterwhite
Designer: Cat Coquillette
Copywriter: Lisa Correu