My Skillshare Debut / Creating Art that Sells: A Working Artist’s Guide


My first class is officially live! I teamed up with Society6 & Skillshare to create a course dedicated to teaching artists + designers tips to boosting their passive income through selling artwork.

After months of prep work, shooting in NYC, and working through final edits from across the world, I'm so thrilled with how everything came together. My course is FREE & open to anyone who wants to learn!

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From the Society6 blog: "This Top-Selling Artist Teaches You How To Make That Travel Money on Society6"

"If you've ever been on Society6 and thought to yourself, "I could make money doing that," now's your chance to give it a shot! We teamed up with our friends at Skillshare to bring you this free class taught by one of Society6's top-selling artists, Cat Coquillette. Once an S6 fan, Cat now travels the world on passive income largely generated through her Society6 shop. In fact, she's in Thailand (probably painting) as we speak. All you need to do is create a free Skillshare profile and get to it.

Skillshare is a rad online learning community where anyone can explore classes on the things they're interested in. Check out the class today and you'll also receive a free 3-month Skillshare trial (click blue banner at top of Skillshare's class page) to watch a bunch of other design-related classes to get you closer to making money through S6."

About My Class

Transform your creative career with print-on-demand in this beginner-friendly, 25-minute class.

Print-on-demand websites like Society6 give artist Cat Coquillette the freedom to travel the world and grow her creative business, all with the stability of a monthly paycheck. After a customer buys from Cat's Society6 shop, Society6 handles the production and shipping and sends royalties to Cat for each order, so she can leave the logistics to the experts and focus on her work.

In this class, you’ll learn how to maximize your success with print-on-demand platforms like Society6. From creating color palettes that sell to connecting with potential customers all over the world, this class is jam-packed with tips and tricks to help you generate consistent income. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create art that sells consistently, month after month
  • Optimize your work for print-on-demand products
  • Use promotion effectively to sustain bestsellers

After taking this class, you’ll have an arsenal of strategies to generate consistent income through print- on-demand, giving you the flexibility to build a creative career you love.

Start generating passive income for yourself on

Society6 is an online marketplace where 200k independent artists design and sell premium, everyday products for millions of customers worldwide. Every product is custom-made to order and every purchase pays the artist who designed it.

Watch the full class on Skillshare here!

I want to extent a HUGE thank you to the Skillshare and Society6 team for helping put together such a killer course! Simply put, this wouldn't have been possible with their shared expertise. Society6 approached me in the fall of 2016 to see if I was interested in putting together a class with them and I jumped on the chance for a collaboration. Thank you, S6 team for this opportunity! Skillshare has an incredibly talented team of producers, project managers, editors and videographers. They were all a treat to work with!