Email Marketing 101: Here’s How To Create Promo Emails That Convert


Email Marketing 101: Here’s How To Create Promo Emails That Convert

Society6's Artist Resource Blog is chock-full of sage business advice for creatives. They invited me to share my knowledge with tens of thousands of fellow S6 artists, so I whipped up an article on one of my favorite topics– boosting your email marketing game.

My full article contains a list of 14 Tips to create a compelling email. Here's a sneak peek:


TIP #1  //  Link to Social Media

Highlight successful social media posts in your email, include your social icons, and encourage subscribers to follow you. Bonus Tip: Include a snapshot of your Instagram or Twitter feed so people can get a quick sense of your content.


TIP #2  //  Call to Action

Your number one goal is to have an impeccably clear call to action. For emails that are focused on generating sales, tell your customers exactly what you’d like them to purchase and remind them why they should buy it. Bonus Tip: Including a call to action button instead of a text link can increase conversion rates by as much as 28%. –Campaign Monitor


TIP #3  //  Include GIFs and Videos

Don’t limit yourself to static content only. A touch of animation will draw in attention and encourage your customers to continue reading and be more engaged. Bonus Tip: A GIF won’t play until it is fully loaded, so beware of load times on large GIF files. Make sure you keep it under 1MB to be safe.


Check out the full article for the rest of my tips!