Develop Your Own Style of Art That Customers Will Gravitate Towards // CatCoq x Society6 Blog


Develop Your Own Style of Art That Customers Will Gravitate Towards // CatCoq x Society6 Blog

A recognizable style of artwork reinforces your brand recognition, makes your portfolio memorable, and will keep your customers coming back for more. You can explore a variety of styles to identify and track best-sellers, then create more artwork in that vein to increase your top-selling pieces.

I had the opportunity to write another guest post for the Society6 blog. I focused on my top tips for developing a unique art style, as well as why personal styles are so vital for reaching success as an artist. Read the full article here.


Benefits of a Recognizable Art Style

Make Your Portfolio Memorable A signature art style reinforces brand recognition and will help your artwork grow traction. You know you’ve nailed this when customers glance at a new piece in your portfolio and instantly recognize it as yours.


Customers Will Return for More

If someone purchases your work, they clearly love your style and chances are they’ll return for more. If your portfolio is filled with consistent pieces that go together, your returning customer will have plenty to choose from and purchase. This applies whether it’s a new phone case that matches their laptop sleeve or a triptych for their gallery wall.


Stand Out from the Crowd

An established and unique style also helps distinguish you from other artists, which is especially important when you’re keying into trends. When you infuse your own unique style on a popular trend, it helps your artwork stand out from the masses. This makes your art proprietary to your brand, which is vital if you’re depicting an incredibly popular motif that’s all over Society6, like mandalas or tropical leaves.

Bonus Tip: When it comes to jumping on trends, your signature style is your competitive advantage. What is your unique take?


Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts, Society6!