Announcing My New Online Class with Brit+Co: Styling Your Lettering in Photoshop


Announcing My New Online Class with Brit+Co:
Styling Your Lettering in Photoshop

Want to create textures that make your lettering jump off the page? In my brand new online class, you’ll learn a variety of Photoshop techniques to apply stylistic embellishments and textures to your hand lettering or fonts.

I’ll be walking you through every step from editing and enhancing hand lettering, using non-destructive editing, placing images into a layout, exploring color palettes, creating your own photo filters and more!

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their Photoshop skills, especially when it comes to working with scanned lettering, textures, and photos.


What we’ll cover:

  • Working with textures like rose gold metallic, marble, and concrete

  • Creating vintage photo filters from scratch Adding effects to your lettering, like grunge/distressed, chalkboard, offset CMKY, and more

  • Best practices for scanning your hand-lettering

  • How to remove a paper background in Photoshop

  • Building your own Texture Library – with your phone camera!

  • Color palette experimentation

  • ...and loads more! I’ll be walking you step-by-step through all the techniques I use every day when I create new artwork and designs.


As an extra bonus for signing up for this class, I'm also including a texture library that contains over 25 high-res textures– totally free!

We'll work with some of these textures during our class– like the marble, rose gold metallic, and kraft paper– and the rest are yours to keep and use on your own projects. 


Final Project Examples

Your final project will have you using all the skills you’ve learned during my class to create one of the most popular effects:

Hand-lettering weaving through the elements in a photo!