Creative Crushin' – Featured Interview with Brit+Co


Creative Crushin' – Featured Interview with Brit+Co

Thank you for the feature, Brit + Co! I was interviewed about how I got started as an artist, the inspiration behind each painting, and why I am so passionate about helping other creatives succeed. 

How This Designer Quit Her Day Job and Became a Nomad

First off, are nomads still a thing? Yes. Yes, they are. And in the case of Cat Coquillette, they come in the form of an insanely inspiring artist! Self-described as “a location-independent designer,” Coquillette’s story is one that will certainly inspire a healthy combo of hard-workin’ hustle and dreamy wanderlust.

In just two years, Coquillette has lived in 13 different countries, and she’s barely scratched the surface when it comes to all the places she wants to check out. Read more >