New Collaboration with RoomMates Decor // CatCoq Peel & Stick Wallpaper Collection


New Collaboration with RoomMates Decor // CatCoq Peel & Stick Wallpaper Collection

I’m thrilled to announce my new line of Peel & Stick Wallpaper through my partners at RoomMates Decor.

The collection is inspired by my firsthand observations and encounters around the world: tropical foliage from the jungles of Southeast Asia, Scandanavian textiles, and wildlife in Central America.

Featured design:  Blue Philodendron

Featured design: Blue Philodendron

Featured design:  Blue Philodendron

Featured design: Blue Philodendron


Whether you’re decorating an entire living room or creating an accent wall, these wallpapers will brighten any interior space. Motifs range from leafy florals to minimalist patterns.

After a successful pre-launch at the beginning of the summer, the full line has officially rolled out with RoomMates Decor, the largest manufacturer of wall decals and decorative stick and peel products in North America.


The Collection

Grey Herringbone  – $39.99

Grey Herringbone – $39.99

Tropical Blue  – $39.99

Tropical Blue – $39.99

Gray Eucalyptus  – $39.99

Gray Eucalyptus – $39.99

Green Herringbone  – $39.99
Jaguars  – $39.99

Jaguars – $39.99

Green Eucalyptus  – $39.99

Green Eucalyptus – $39.99

Blue Eucalyptus  – $39.99

Blue Eucalyptus – $39.99

Tan Herringbone  – $39.99

Tan Herringbone – $39.99

Blue Philodendron  – $39.99

CatCoq + RoomMates Interview


Creative Ways to Use Peel & Stick Wallpaper

In just the past few years, peel and stick wallpaper has completely changed the way we decorate our homes. It gives renters the ability to add pattern to walls while remaining damage-free. It allows designers to achieve a quick and easy room transformation.


Accent Wall

Make a statement. Perfect for highlighting and accenting, add a playful pattern or perceived texture to a space with stylish and chic geometric peel and stick wallpaper.

Featured pattern: Jaguar


Lining Chests, Drawers & Bookcases

Need to change something up, but want to start small? Line smaller spaces with peel and stick wallpaper for a simple update.

Featured patterns: Tropical Blue and Gray Herringbone


Make a Bold Statement with Layered Patterns

Stick to a limited color palette for a more modern aesthetic. Herringbone, houndstooth, and stripes can live alongside a blend of natural textures like wool, wood, and leather.

Featured pattern: Black Herringbone


Baseboard Wall Accents in Bedrooms

Spruce up your bedroom with calming tones and watercolor florals.

Featured patterns: Gray Eucalyptus and Tropical Blue


In Kids’ and Teens’ Rooms

Whether you’re lining the walls or a smaller area like door paneling or bookshelves, peel and stick wallpaper allows kids and teens to easily customize their personal space.

Featured pattern: Jaguar


Shoutout to my lovely art agents Jewel Branding & Licensing, Inc. for facilitating yet another stellar partnership. xoxo

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