CatCoq x Design Milk x Casetify

Update: Jessica Simpson's a fan, too!


Every month, Design Milk highlights an artist for their long-running Designer Desktops series. Design Milk is a renowned design resource with over a million Twitter followers & over two million page views a month. In December, I was hand-picked to kickoff their 2016 Designer Series. I was ecstatic. I partnered with Design Milk to create a custom desktop + mobile wallpaper as well as product designs, including phone cases, MacBook sleeves, and Apple Watches for the Casetify x Design Milk Collection.

Seeing my design featured on the Design Milk homepage definitely made my New Year's Day:

I chose this quote because I'm about to spend six weeks traveling throughout Southeast Asia. I leave in just a few weeks & while I'm incredibly excited, I'm also nervous to be traveling alone for so long. When I came across this Neale Donald Walsch quote, I was reminded why I'm embarking on this journey in the first place: it's time to get out of my comfort zone.

iPad cover available  here .

iPad cover available here.

Phone case available  here .

Phone case available here.

Laptop sleeve available  here .

Laptop sleeve available here.