Society6 Art Quarterly No.3.4 – Storytellers Edition


Every artist has a story to tell. The latest edition of the Society6 Art Quarterly profiled twenty artists who share stories of struggle and triumph. It’s a fascinating peek into the minds of those who make Society6 such a vibrant community.

I’m excited to announce that I had the opportunity to concept and design the cover artwork. I worked with Society6’s head curator, Nathan Spoor, to develop the design, which is inspired by the unique stories each participating artist shares.


In conjunction with designing the cover art, I also chatted with the Society6 team about my creative inspiration, nomadic lifestyle, and carving out a career as an artist. This interview manifested as a four-page spread in the Art Quarterly.



S6 Art Quarterly Specs:

Limited to 500 copies. Four color offset printed, gold holographic foil logo, perfect bound 1st edition shrink-wrapped. Published by Society6 in 2018. 130 pages, 9in x 12in.

Art Quarterly 3.4 features original new art, lifestyle photos and interviews with 20 Society6 Artists: Matthew Taylor Wilson - Frank Moth - Camille Chew - Elena Kulikova - Helo Birdie - Matthew Korbel-Bowers - Beth Hoeckel - Cat Coquillette - Andreas Lie - Hollis Brown Thornton - Chris Piascik - Luke Anthony Gram - HolaLou - The Fan Brothers - Beeple - Robin Eisenberg - Chad Wys - Leemo - Keith Negley - Julia Pott


Concept Sketches

Final Design

Front Cover:


Back Cover: