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Society6 Art Quarterly No.3.4 – Storytellers Edition

Every artist has a story to tell. The latest edition of the Society6 Art Quarterly profiled twenty artists who shared their stories of struggle and triumph. It’s a fascinating peek into the minds of those who make Society6 such a vibrant community.

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How I Earn Passive Income as an Artist

I recently had the opportunity to partner up with Society6 and Skillshare to teach my own class. The topic: How artists can boost their passive income. The online class is packed with information for artists and designers looking to broaden their revenue streams. I thought it would be helpful to include a summary of the basics. Enjoy!

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Featured: Society6 Gift Guide

Every year, Society6 puts together an insanely-awesome Gift Guide. S6 curators pick through thousands of artists' designs and compile collections based on the person you're shopping for. The collections range from general interests like Animal Lovers and Gifts for Geeks, then hone all the way into that one specific person, like Wine Loving Yogi Moms and People Who Love to Cuss. This year, I was thrilled to see my own designs peppered throughout the Society6 Gift Guide. Thanks for the love, S6!

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