Speaking at Asia's First Women-Led Event, the Bond Women's Festival – Presenting on the Main Stage about CatCoq


The days of the Starving Artist are over. Thanks to opportunities with licensing, it’s possible to live abundantly as a creative.

I had the opportunity to present on the main stage during the Bond Women’s Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I shared my story about how I turned my creative passion into a viable business. The festival was a celebration of empowerment, entrepreneurship, and expression.

Strong women lift each other up. I am so thrilled to be part of the first completely women-led event in Asia. The Bond Women’s Festival was created to inspire women to think boldly, unleash their voices, and establish a supportive community. The crowd was packed with digital nomads, entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, and locals alike.


My presentation was focused on entrepreneurship and daring to dream bigger. I shared my story of turning my side-hustle, painting, into a full-blown career in art licensing.

By facilitating connections, positioning yourself strategically, and creating quality content, you can gain the system and rise to the top of your industry within intellectual property licensing.


Content licensing covers a massive scope. I’m focusing on one aspect of intellectual property– artwork. However, there are a ton of categories out there that content creators can get paid to license: illustrations, vector packs, fonts, music, sound effects, web templates and plugins, copywriting like lyrics or poems, photography, video… the list goes on and on.

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 1.45.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 1.45.20 PM.png

I wanted my words to resonate with more than just artists, so I tailored my presentation to a wider audience of content creators and entrepreneurs alike. I shared my biggest mistakes, the lessons I learned, and the most vital information I wanted to pass on to anyone interested in getting into licensing– both from a content creator perspective and licensor perspective.


The event was an enormous success. If you missed it, don’t worry– I’ll be speaking again at Kansas City Design Week in April 2019. I’ll also be presenting as the keynote speaker during the Hallmark Symposium at The University of Kansas on September 5, 2019.

If you’re not in the midwest, check out my latest podcast interview with Ladies on Ludlow, where I share my origin story and best advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.


HUGE thank you to Bond Women’s Festival for this opportunity.

Looking forward to next year’s event!