Zulily x CatCoq

If you haven't heard about Zulily, you should definitely check them out. Their platform showcases popular brands from around the world with daily sales events. New sales start every morning and have products for up to 70% off everyday prices.

When the Zulily gals reached out to me about debuting my art prints on their site, I was thrilled. I've been looking for methods of reaching a wider audience, and with hundreds of thousands of unique web visitors every day, this was the perfect opportunity for me. 

My 3-day sale began at 6am on a Saturday. I was expecting to sell around 200 prints, so when I rolled out of bed at 10 and saw that I'd already sold that and more, I began to panic. I'd only purchased enough supplies for 500 prints, so I hastily pulled out my credit card and got online. I bought extra printer ink, paper, backing boards, cellophane bags, business cards, etc. It was a wild (and expensive) morning to say the least.

The next challenge was slightly more hands-on: printing and packing up orders. I own an Epson printer that has amazing ink quality and I only print on acid-free archival paper. Because of this, I print nearly all of my orders from home. I'm used to fulfilling a handful of Etsy orders a week, so this was the mega-amplified version of that.

The sexy behind the scenes shots: labeling & organizing.


I invited Mom over to help pack up prints. (She brought the dogs to help, too.) We started out okay, but about six hours later, we were slap-happy and completely wiped. "You couldn't pay anyone to help you... this is so boring! I'm only here because I'm your mother." Thanks, Mom!

Sparky was pretty bored, too.

The LAST print I signed + the last two prints we packed. It took two days, but we finally made it through all the orders.

Some of my most popular prints:

Alpacas available  here . Dachshunds available  here .

Alpacas available here. Dachshunds available here.

Toucans available  here .

Toucans available here.

Little & Fierce available  here .

Little & Fierce available here.

Blue Stems available  here .

Blue Stems available here.

Unicorns available  here .

Unicorns available here.

Nice Things available  here . Palms available  here .

Nice Things available here. Palms available here.

Kitten Lovers available  here .

Kitten Lovers available here.

Tropical Toucans available  here .

Tropical Toucans available here.

Half Dozen Donuts available  here .

Half Dozen Donuts available here.

Beer Collection available  here .

Beer Collection available here.

Looking forward to the next opportunity with Zulily!