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Zulily x CatCoq

When the Zulily gals reached out to me about debuting my art prints on their site, I was thrilled. I've been looking for methods of reaching a wider audience, and with hundreds of thousands of unique web visitors every day, this was the perfect opportunity for me. 

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Animal Lover Series

I believe personal projects are the key to a designer's sanity. It was due time to get back into some digital illustrations, so, in the spirit of spring, I decided to make a series of animals in love. The project was inspired by my brother and sister-in-law's bunnies, Tupelo & Chewy. The bunnies act more like an old married couple than honeymooners, but they're still clearly infatuated with one another. In my illustration, they're encircled with blooming flowers, trickling vines and butterflies.

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