My Year in Review

2017 Year in Review

It's been one helluva good year. It’s my first year of full-time traveling, which has taken me to some uniquely gorgeous places and introduced me to an incredible group of nomadic/entrepreneurial friends. I've packed in a ton of travel and created some of the best pieces in my artwork portfolio.

I spent a good chunk of the year living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I came for the digital nomad community and stayed for the friends, food, and tropical climate. When I wasn't in Thailand, I was somewhere in Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Norway, or the good ol' USA. 

I decided to keep a log of my highlight reel along the way. These past twelve months have been adventurous, hectic, and constantly in motion. I wouldn't change a thing.

Onwards and upwards to 2018!


2017 = My Year of Learning New Skills:


    ✓ Rode my first scooter in Thailand. Better watch out, Asia.


    ✓ Published my first (and second and third) online course. As far as learning new skills go, this is a 2-for-1: To accomplish this, I also had to learn how to edit videos in Adobe Premiere.


    ✓ Kayaked my first fjord in the Arctic and celebrated with a scotch on the rocks*. (The "rocks" = a chunk chistled off a 100,000 year-old glacier.)


    ✓ Was interviewed on my first podcast within a week of moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand.


    ✓ Traversed my first Via Ferrata in Telluride, Colorado. Also learned that I am not afraid of heights. Whew.


    ✓ Earned my motorcycle license in the USA with a perfect score on both the driving test and written exam. #GirlPower


    ✓ Became a certified scuba diver. ...still need to work on my form, apparently. 


    ✓ Learned how to build my own e-commerce website with automatic order fulfillment. 


    ✓ Didn’t swear on live TV during my first television appearance.


    2017 Projects that Launched



    Every season, FabFitFun sends out a gift box to their subscribers – all half a million of them. For their Spring Box, I designed an intricate illustration, inspired by my travels around the globe.


    Freely Given Movement

    I designed an apparel line for Freely Given Movement, an organization that brings awareness and funding to families struggling to afford health costs for their sick child.


    Creative Market

    My Fresh Floral Arrangements watercolor set is officially available for purchase as digital downloads on Creative Market. Now you can customize wall art, branding, wedding stationery, blog graphics, and more.


    Women Empowerment Series

    March 8 = International Women's Day. What better day to launch my newest series, dedicated to all the ladies out there? As I continue along this "digital nomad" path of traveling the world while working, I've been meeting some truly incredible women entrepreneurs. I'm in awe of the talent, passion, and badassery of this community.


    Open By Mary

    I had the opportunity to work with Open by Mary to develop the branding for their lifestyle enterprise. The brand's premium product line is reflected in their identity: gold foil embellishments, letterpress stationery, and a custom otomi pattern.


    Spartina 449

    I worked with this upscale women's handbag company to illustrate a whimsical map of North Carolina's mountainous landscape and surrounding towns and landmarks. The full line of products in the Blue Ridge Mountains collection includes premium leather totes, purses and clutches, stationery, blankets and silk scarves.


    2017 Watercolors

    I went through a lot of paint this year.


    2017 Digital Illustrations


    The Future is Female
    January 2017 • Illustrated while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand


    Bad Ass Babe
    January 2017 • Illustrated while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Femme Fatale
    January 2017 • Illustrated while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand


    Moroccan Doors
    February 2017 • Illustrated while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand


    Flask Collection
    April 2017 • Illustrated at a coworking space in Bali, Indonesia


    Sunglasses Collection
    April 2017 • Illustrated at a coworking space in Bali, Indonesia


    One Cat Shy of Crazy
    October 2017 • Illustrated while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand


    She Believed
    October 2017 • Illustrated while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    I Woke Up Like This
    October 2017 • Illustrated while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand


    Can I Pet Your Dog?
    October 2017 • Illustrated while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand


    Death's Head Hawkmoth
    June 2017 • Illustrated in the airport during a layover is Oslo, Norway


    Made of Stardust
    December 2017 • Illustrated in the airport during a layover in Guangzhou, China


    2017 Mentions & Accolades

    My work was double-featured in HGTV Magazine.

    I was interviewed by CEO Blog Nation: 12 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on Coworking Spaces

    435 Magazine interviewed me for their feature profile.

    KC Live interviewed me as a special guest during their 2017 holiday segment. 

    Both of My Classes Made it into the Skillshare Best of 2017 Featured List.

    Khloe Kardashian becomes a fan of my packaging design for FabFitFun.

    Sarah Michelle-Gellar poses with My Good Vibes Pillow on her couch.

    Jessica Simpson shares a photo of my design on her Instagram account.

    Britney Spears's sister, Jamie Lynn, posts a photo of my illustration work on Instagram.


    2017 Classes I Taught


    I have a series of online video classes geared at helping creatives who want to grow their business and income. Each of my classes are broken down into short video lessons so it's easy to follow along. In under an hour each, I pack in loads of info to help you grow your business and earn money.

    Click the Enroll Here button below each class description to score a two month free trial with Skillshare and watch all of my classes for free.


    A Step-by-Step Guide to Art Licensing: Sell Your First Piece of Artwork Online

    Monetize your side-hustle! I’ve sold over 100,000 products by licensing my artwork. Getting involved with art licensing is a great way to boost your passive income. This class is filled with actionable steps that help you make your first sale with artwork online, as well as boosting your sales if you’re already selling.


    From Paper to Screen: Digitally Editing Your Artwork in Photoshop

    One key factor with succeeded with passive income streams like licensing and print on demand is making sure your artwork translates beautifully from paper to screen. This class will be tailored to that process.


    Creating Art that Sells: A Working Artist’s Guide

    Transform your creative career with print-on-demand in this beginner-friendly, 25-minute class. Print-on-demand websites like Society6 give me the freedom to travel the world and grow my creative business, all with the stability of a monthly paycheck.


    Favorite "Offices" (AKA Coffee Shops) of 2017

    2017 Travel Highlights


    Rode copilot as my best friend flew us along the total eclipse path. We watched the landscape darken beneath us like a 360° sunset. ✈️🌙

    Pet a monkey in Bali. He climbed up on my shoulder & smashed banana chunks into my hair. 🙊🍌

    I began volunteering with All Animals are Suay, an organization that helps the homeless dog population in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

    Spent my birthday in a place where the summer sun never sets. (At just 11° away from the North Pole, it was the furthest north I've ever been in my life.) ❄️🌞

    Got marooned on a deserted island in Indonesia– the boat got wedged into a sandbar at low tide. Drew & I made the most of it and downed a bottle of wine before calling it a night on Padar Island. 🍾

    Won a Halloween costume contest with my friends thanks to some red food coloring and liquid latex. You girls were gorgeous. 💋💉

    Hid from demons on Nyepi Day. (The Balinese day of silence– no one on the island is allowed to leave their home or make any noise. I spent my 24 hours watching Netflix with headphones, sleeping, & painting palm leaves.) 👹

    Hiked to the crater summit of a volcano to watch the sunrise. A monkey stole my sandwich & a dog chased the monkey. This turned out to be more entertaining than the sunrise itself. 🌋

    First time animal sightings in the wild: black scorpion, giant land snail, komodo dragon, whale. 🦂🐌🐉🐋

    Weird food I ate: live shrimp, fried crickets, seal sushi.

    Survived two emergency room visits in Asia. (E. coli in Vietnam, then again in Thailand to get the rings sawed off my finger– I got my hand caught while hopping a fence.) What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. ☠️

    Drank coffee & pet raccoons in a raccoon coffee shop in Korea. (There were also bonus capybaras.) 🗑🐼

    Family hiking trip in Vietnam. We saw a baby water buffalo wearing a bomber jacket & couldn’t stop laughing. 🐃

    Spent the summer AND Christmas with family and friends in Kansas. There's no place like home. 🌻


    Here's to another adventurous, crazy, and unpredictable year! 🍾